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Thank You Have a Good Day

Thoughtfully hand-built, Thank You Have A Good Day is a genuine, tactile articulation of what we love; an intimate space filled with considered and cohesive collections of objects we don't want to live without.





58Flora is a green beauty line handcrafted in small batches using flowers and all natural ingredients. Made in Kingston, NY, 58Flora products are organic, ethically-sourced, cruelty-free and vegan and use no parabens, phthalates, or synthetics.

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A Détacher

Launched by designer Monika Kowalska in 1998,  A Détacher clothes are individual explorations into surface, form and function – a research into the formal posture of each garment.


Alice Waese

Alice Waese is a jewellery designer and artist based in New York. Trained in both garment design and fine art, her practice is informed by drawing, sculpture and raw materials. Inspired by the natural world, Waese creates handcrafted pieces in intricately textured sterling silver and gold.


Ayame Ceramics

Ayame Bullock lives and creates her hand-built ceramics on Orcas Island, Washington, using pinch and coil techniques.  Her work is inspired by her personal experiences, but most importantly her Japanese heritage and working surrounded by the serene rustic beauty of the San Juan Islands in Washington state.

Bode New York

BODE NEW YORK produces one of a kind, handcrafted clothing. cut from antique fabrics, victorian quilts, grain sacks, and bed linens. Tailor-made in New York. Founded by CFDA winner Emily Adams Bode, a self-proclaimed lover of vintage who has made a name for herself with menswear that transforms unique, historical textiles into classic workwear silhouettes.


Cap Beauty

CAP Beauty was launched on Valentines Day 2015 by friends for almost 20 years, Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse, who share a love for wellness and an even deeper love for refined and inspired living.   CAP Beauty emphatically embraces the transformational powers of pure plant ingredients.



Collégien is a French brand, designed and manufactured for the whole family.  They combine innovation and fashion at their own workshops, situated in south of France for 4 generations.

Darner socks

Darner is a luxury intimates line comprised of high-end socks designed and produced in Los Angeles. Darner is inspired by a hosiery pattern from the late 1800's, and their unique cut-and-sew design embraces the foot to create long, lean lines that accentuate and extend the look of one’s legs.


Humble Matter

Brooklyn based artist John Born launched Humble Matter in 2016. Each vase begins with a drawing. Based on the drawing, common household objects are used as molds, with clay slabs pressed into them to form basic shapes. The shapes are then painstakingly attached section-by-section to create a finished piece.


Erin Louise Clancy

Made by hand in Ridgewood Queens, each ceramic piece is wheel-thrown or built by hand, trimmed, glazed, and fired in an electric kiln to 2232 degrees. Base glazes are mixed by hand in small batches using in-house recipes. Pattern decoration utilizes iron oxide washes as well as select commercial glazes and underglazes.

Hudson Wilder

Launched in 2017, Brooklyn based Hudson Wilder creates modern interpretations of timeless classics from around the world.  Inspired by the simple, welcoming ways people live and eat, their collections embrace a modern lived-in aesthetic. Every piece is thoughtfully designed to become daily companions over time.


Left Field NYC

Ridgewood Queens based menswear brand launched by Christian McCann in 1998.  Left Field grew out of small shotgun apartments and lofts throughout Brooklyn,  and from the need to bridge the gap between what used to be handcrafted, but was now being mass produced. 


Live The Process

Launched in 2013, Live The Process is ethically made in America by women who are dedicated to creating high quality product. Each piece incorporates high-tech innovations like four-way stretch, breathability, heat reduction, moisture wicking and wind repellent fabrications. Each piece embodies thoughtful design and construction with an unsurpassed level of detail to create perfect symmetry.

Maison Mayle

Maison Mayle is the much anticipated evolution of designer Jane Mayle’s iconic Nolita-based brand that developed a cult following before closing its doors in 2008.   Launched in 2016,  Maison Mayle is slightly more grown up and as elegant as ever.


Mast Books

Established in 2010,  Mast books is an East Village institution and must stop destination bookshop where curated collections are housed in an art gallery-esqe space and the brick and mortar experience is the priority. 



Launched in 2015 by Parsons alumnus and former Calvin Klein designer Sydney Suh-Lee, OAD creates accessories that combine minimalist form with function and are inspired by simple geometric shapes and rendered in a striking array of colors. All OAD handbags are made from the finest available leather, and produced in small batches by artisans in Seoul, South Korea. 


Launched in 2017, Prounis Jewelry originates from Jean Prounis’ desire to pay homage to her ancestry.  Each piece is hand-wrought in a custom shade of 22 karat gold.  The collection incorporates precious and semi-precious gems, produced using ancient goldsmithing techniques.  Jean refers to the aesthetic of Prounis Jewelry as “Meso-Greco-Aleppo”, calling out her love of antiquities, and her desire to carry on the family lineage of creating a treasured memory and object.

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The Earth Powder

Handmade ceramics by Brooklyn based artist Dohee Kim


The Great Eros

Brooklyn based brand making lingerie and leisurewear that live beyond the bedroom. As the first pieces you put on your body in the morning and the last ones you take off at night, the entire collection has the intimacy of lingerie and the wearability of clothing, and is crafted with the finest fabrics meant to provoke love for yourself and love for others.


Natural and chemical free deodorant with a cult following.  family owned and made in Brooklyn. We love it. 


Alysia Mazzella

Alysia Mazzella is a candle-dipper, gardener & medicine woman from Newburgh, New York.